About Us

Back in 2013, I published my first book. This was the golden age of self-publishing when anyone with a bit of talent, drive, and innovation could earn a good living from writing. Too soon, that time passed. 

To reach the same level of success requires more innovation, determination, and effort than ever before. I’ve weathered the industry. On January 1, 2016, I started Love Kissed Books LLC. This is my passion project, ever evolving to meet the needs of our authors. With my team of dedicated PAs and a trained Social Media Manager, we strive to help our authors grow. 

Don’t just test the waters. Dive in. Commit. And build the author career of your dreams. We’re here to help. 

Meet the Love Kissed Team

We understand your needs. Some of us are authors too…

Andrews Moore

Head Book Lover


Assistant Book Lover

Rachel & Austin Christley

PAs & Tech Support


Social Media Manager

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