Add Ons

Welcome to the Add Ons page!

This is a secret page on the website where you can select additional concepts and consults anytime to turn a premade into a series without having to wait for a sale. 

Hope this helps! 

Add a Plotting Consult!

Novel Consult Packages

Add One!

Add Two!

2x $90

2x $110

Add Three!

3x $90

3x $110

Add Four!

4x $90

4x $110

Add Five!

5x $90

5x $110

Meet our
concept creators & plotting consultants!

Elizabeth Knox


Erin Cawood


Heather Young-Nichols


Monique McDonell


Nicole Andrews Moore

Concepts & Consults

Beth Hale

Concepts & Consults

Anna Gorman

Consults & Concepts

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