Save money! Buy a bundle!

We spent five weeks creating and releasing products designed to help simplify your author career. 

Separately, each of them delivers on a promise, a way to grow with ease and grace, a way to manage the complex career you’ve chosen. Launch without missing a step. Rebrand without overwhelm. Measure your growth in words. Grow your social media platforms and encourage interaction. Track your income and spending. 


Together, they work seamlessly to help you achieve your goals. 

Maybe you missed the Author Extravaganza. Maybe you missed a week. 

Don’t worry! We’ve created a combination of bundles so you can grab what you need and get on with your life. Easy implementation. Buy them once. Use them forever. 

Get all five on sale now for ONLY $62!

Need our two Trello boards? 

Snag the Trello Board Bundle: 

  • Launching Your Book Trello Board
  • Rebranding Your Book Trello Board

Say goodbye to overwhelm. 

Launching and rebranding are HUGE projects with many complex steps. In the past, it would be easy to forget the tasks you need to accomplish. With these Trello boards, you’ll be organized, calm, and confident. 

Now, buy the Trello Bundle for ONLY $27!


Use our spreadsheets to track what matters: word count, income, and expenses. 


  • Sprinting Spreadsheet
  • Author Sales Report
We’ve added cool features like graphs. Fill in the shaded areas and the formulas built into the sheets do the rest. We’re seriously in love with how they turned out. 


Grab this bundle now for ONLY $27!


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