Sprinting Spreadsheet

Let's track those words!

Time to focus on the heart of your author career: 

The Writing Plan

As you know, that which gets measured gets done. 

That’s why we created this sprinting spreadsheet. 

How will this help you? 

  • Engineer your writing plan two ways => forward and backward

Forward Engineer

  • Forward engineer if you know how much you have to write, how many days a week you’ll write, when you’re starting, your daily word goal, the sheet will calculate the date you’ll finish, so you can plan your release. 

Reverse Engineer

  • Reverse engineer if your release date is set, you know when you have to get the book to your editor, and you need to figure out how much you’ll have to write each day to make it happen. 

Monthly Word Tracker

  • With the monthly pages you can set a monthly word goal, and see every day as you close in on it. 
  • Record your starting word count and your ending word count, the sheet calculates everything for you!

Annual Summary Graph

  • The yearly summary will help you see how much you’re accomplishing. 
  • See it as a graph AND as a chart.

Annual Summary Chart

The best part? 

This spreadsheet copies to your Google Drive! 

Make a copy and use it year after year. (Okay…I don’t think there’s a spot for February 29th on Leap Years, but otherwise…) 

Mostly, buy this product once and use it FOREVER!

Enjoy special launch pricing => ONLY $27!

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