Welcome to The 12 Days of Christmas for Authors!

Let's celebrate the end of another amazing year!

We did it! 2022 has nearly arrived. 

This year, we made some major changes. 


Actually, that’s why you’re here! 

We wanted an amazing way to thank you for sticking around as we end our sixth year in business and start year seven. That’s why we created the Twelve Days of Christmas for Authors. Each day we’ll offer a new printable designed to enhance your planner. Some are free. Some are half price. Nothing is over $9. 

Whether this is the year you’re going to start your emergency savings plan, wrangle your finances into some kind of order, or finally make time for self-care, we’ve got you covered.

Be sure to stick around because we’re just getting warmed up. 

Subscribe to our newsletter because this year,  we’ve added: 

  • Monthly author workshops
  • Monthly challenges
  • Monthly bookclub (focused on marketing & craft)
  • Monthly fun club where we read a top 100 romance novel and do a deep dive into marketing
As always, thank you for letting us serve you on your author journey. We love growing together. 
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