Winter Palooza (1)

The Winter Palooza has begun!

The Basics:

What: Winter Palooza 

Where: Our Facebook Group: Author Advantage. 

When: Monday – Friday 3pm EST, Sunday newsletter at 10am EST, 2/7-3/11/2022

Why: Even the most creative among us need inspiration sometimes!


How We Help...

In the fall of 2018, we started sharing story ideas, also known as plot concepts.

The plot concepts are available two ways: 

  • premade concepts 
  • custom concepts


We currently only offer premade concepts during the paloozas and one day sales. 

Custom concepts can be ordered anytime through our automated system. You’ll be directed to schedule a date and time, as well as pick a provider.

Purchases are automated through ThriveCart. Payment can be made by PayPal or Credit Card through Stripe. Once the payment is completed, the link to add the concept to your Google Drive or download will be in your email. (Don’t forget to check your spam folder!) And if you don’t receive it. (Typos. I get it.) Then we’re happy to help you access when you reach out by email or private Facebook message. 

Also on the delivery document is a link to our secret add on page. Turn this concept into a series, or get the plotting help you need! 

We’re here to help you write your best book with ease and grace. 

Save our Dates for 2022!

Winter Palooza: 2/7-3/11 


St. Patrick’s Day One Day Sale: 3/17 

  • All things Irish and Ireland themed


Spring Palooza: 5/16-6/17 


Fourth of July One Day Sale: 7/4 


Christmas in July: 7/11-29

  • Winter, Christmas, and holiday themed


Labor Day One Day Sale: 9/5


Fall Palooza: 9/12-10/14


Halloween One Day Sale: 10/31

  • Romantic Suspense,  Paranormal, and Urban Fantasy


Veteran’s Day One Day Sale: 11/11 

  • Military & Veterans


Plotsgiving Palooza: 11/25-28

  • Our biggest event of the year!
  • Premade concept drops for FOUR DAYS! 
  • Sunday, we give our subscribers a first shot at our limited packages for custom concepts and plotting consults.

Palooza FAQs

What genres do you offer? 
We have expanded our offerings. In 2018, I’d have said romance and all the sub-genres. Now…everything. We have thrillers, cozy, urban fantasy, fantasy, and romance in every sub-genre.
How long are the premades? 
They range anywhere from 500 words to well over one thousand. 
When I buy the premade concept, is there more?
No, what you see is what you get.
How do I know someone else won’t use what’s posted in the group without paying for it?
You don’t, but we keep it small in here for a reason. This is our circle of trust. Break the trust, get booted out of the group. And…we have new tech that will allow us to ban people from our products and services. They won’t even be able to sign up. So, I think copying would be a really bad idea. If this is still a concern, maybe consider signing up for a custom.
Can you make changes to the premade concept for me?
No, with our premades, what you see is what you get. As owner, you may make all the changes you want.
What if I want changes and I’m willing to pay for you to do it?
Then you should sign up for a custom! We will make the concept to your specifications. No changes required.
What if I see a premade and it’s a contemporary, for example, would you make this for me as a paranormal romance?
Sorry, we don’t make changes to premades. If you purchase it, as the new owner, you are free to make all the changes you’d like. Add some guys to make it a reverse harem. Add a shifter to make it paranormal romance. (Or magical elements, or…you get the idea.) Another option would be to purchase a custom concept and we can work with your tropes, setting, characters, and genre to make something perfect for you!
Where can I get a custom concept?
Right here!
What if I need plotting help?
We offer novel and novella consults by Zoom. We work together on a shared Google Doc to lay out the plot of your story, chapter by chapter.
A novel consult is 20 chapters and TWO Hours.
Need a novel consult? Book one here:
A novella consult is 10 chapters and ONE Hour.
Need a novella consult? Book one here:
What if I’m just stuck and need unsticking?
Sounds like you could use a plot doctoring session with Nicole.
This is ONE Hour by video Zoom call. We talk out your story, see where you’re stuck, make sure you have your tropes and/or universal fantasies figured out, and help move you forward.
Book a One Hour Plot Doctoring session here:
Any questions we didn’t answer? Just comment below or reach out by email:
We check the inbox Monday through Friday 10am to 7pm EST.
Hope this helps!

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The Winter Palooza has begun!

The Basics: What: Winter Palooza  Where: Our Facebook Group: Author Advantage.  When: Monday – Friday 3pm EST, Sunday newsletter at

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