Week #3: Launching Your Book a Trello Board

Launching a book can be hard. 

There are so many steps to remember, each one critical to the success of the release. 

And while you may have a personal assistant, ready and eager to help, without a plan to share, you might still end up completing way more of the work than you should. 

The Launching Your Book Trello Board will simplify the process, ensure you don’t forget a step, and help you release your book with ease…and every release from now on.

Features of The Launching Your Book Trello Board…

  • Every aspect of the launch is broken down into steps
  • We have action steps from writing your book through the end of release week 
  • Each card has details for what needs to be accomplished
  • Most cards have checklists 
  • Delegate duties

Best of all? Use this Trello board again and again.

Have multiple releases taking place close together? Copy it. Have a board for each book. 

On Sale ONLY $27!

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