Have lots of Story Ideas?

We're hiring concept creators!


Have lots of story ideas? 

Or…even better…series ideas?

Do you know how to write out the idea in single or dual point of view? 

If you do this while incorporating the goal, motivation, and conflict…

We need you!

Get paid to write concepts!

How does it work?

Want to write premade concepts? 

We have five paloozas and five one day sales where we offer premade concepts in our Facebook Group. 

Write a standalone, duet, trilogy, or five book series. 

If it sells, you get paid $30 for each concept. 


  • Standalone >>> $30 

  • Duet >>> $60 

  • Trilogy >>> $90 

  • Five Book Series >>> $150


If the concepts don’t sell, you can keep them, or revamp them and offer again. 


Want to write custom concepts?


The same pay applies. The only difference is the money is guaranteed because authors pay in advance for your service. 

You’ll be added to our scheduler.

Authors will select you for the services based on the genres you write and your availability. You’ll create a concept using their parameters for genre, setting, characters, tropes, etc. 

Our work week is Monday through Sunday. You’ll be paid via PayPal on Monday for work completed the previous week. 


Still interested? Apply now!


Now Hiring Concept Creators!

We’ll send a Zoom link for the interview. If you don’t spend time on Facebook, please share your phone number.
We share our projects via Google Docs.

Which positions are you interested in?
Genres You're Willing to Write
We offer premade concepts during our paloozas, which happen 5 times per year, and on one day holiday sales (New Year’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Veteran’s Day.) You are not required to complete a certain number of concepts for premades, but if you offer customs, you’ll need to complete those on the dates scheduled.

This sample will be used for hiring purposes and, if hired, can be used as your first premade concept offered for sale. Insert link for Google doc here. Please make sure that the doc is shared with: inkwellpublishingservices@gmail.com (If you are uploading a doc, then please write N/A in this box.)
Max. file size: 256 MB.
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