Like Plotting Stories?

We're hiring plotting consultants!


Does plotting out novels and novellas come easily to you? 
Do you like helping others? 
Do you know how to plot out the idea in single or dual point of view?
If you do this while incorporating the goal, motivation, and conflict, while avoiding plot holes…
We need you!
Get paid to help authors plot out novels and novellas during a Zoom video consult!

How does it work?

Want to help authors plot novels and novellas? 


  • Authors book us through a scheduling system based on which genres we plot and our availability.
  • We work with them on a shared Google doc they will have filled out and shared in advance.
  • A novel consult lasts two hours and is twenty chapters long.
  • A novella consult is one hour and ten chapters long.
  • If hired, training is provided.


What skills are required?  


  • Time management to ensure you finish on time 
  • Ability to think and pivot under pressure
  • Creativity
  • Analysis: will this idea work with the plot 
  • Ability to avoid plot holes 
  • Understanding of story creation (plots, subplots, goal, motivation, conflict, dark moments, resolution, grand gestures, etc.) 
  • Ability to control a conversation and stay on task.


What does this pay? 


  • $20 for a one hour novella consult
  • $40 for a two hour novel consult


Our work week is Monday through Sunday. You’ll be paid via PayPal on Monday for work completed the previous week. 


Still interested? Apply now!

Now Hiring Plotters!

We’ll send a Zoom link for the interview. If you don’t spend time on Facebook, please share your phone number.
We share our projects via Google Docs.
Genres You're Willing to Plot
Which positions are you interested in?
During plotting consults, we create a ten chapter outline for novellas and a twenty chapter outline for novels with 4-7 bullet points in each chapter. The sample you provide will be used for hiring purposes. Insert link for google doc here. Please make sure that the doc is shared with: (If you are uploading a Word doc, then please write N/A in this box.)
Max. file size: 256 MB.
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