March 2022 Content Calendar



Why Use Our Content Calendar?

We know what you need. We needed it too.

Increase Engagement: Authors using this content calendar have experienced significant growth in a short period of time.

Organic Likes/Follows: Readers use your social media to determine if they want to follow you. And then they stick around, no giveaway required.

Time Saver: Social media can be a time suck. A content calendar is a time saver. No more going down the social media rabbit hole. Now you have a plan.

Ideas Abound: Make it as personal or generic as you want with plenty of posting options. Reminders to promote your backlist. And ideas for sharing your new release.

Increase Reach: Get found. And get heard. A consistent social media strategy will help you find your readers and keep them.

By Authors, For Authors: We needed something to give to a PA, something to take a little of the effort off, a way to simplify and improve the quality of life, relieve the stress, and still grow. This is it. The content calendar.

Content Calendar Includes:

*March Monthly Calendar
*March Holiday Calendar
*Hashtags Provided
*List of Weekly Quotes
*List of Weekly Questions
*List of Novel Interactives
*Easy to Use

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