Week #5: Rebranding Your Book a Trello Board

Once upon a time, one of my mentors told me that books had a 90 day shelf life. After that, they just stopped selling. We had to make the most of that time.

Honestly, that didn’t seem right to me. 

I knew that once I discovered an author I liked, I read through their entire backlist. I mean…I’d devour those books. 

As an avid reader, I had to believe our readers would do the same. And I wanted to make sure my books (my products) were the best possible example of my story crafting ability. 

This meant…periodic rebranding. 

Now, rebranding can take many forms. Sometimes, it was a cover refresh. Sometimes, it was a blurb change. 

Oh, but the longer I was published and the bigger my backlist, the more writing I’d done, the more my style had changed along with reader expectations, and I discovered rebranding became a HUGE undertaking. 

Think…If You Give a Mouse a Cookie… 

If I was going to change my cover, then I might as well update my blurb. 

If I was updating my blurb, I should take the time to update my front and back matter. 

If I was going to have to reformat the book anyway, I should reread it and make any necessary rewrites. 

The list seemed endless. 

My head hurt. 

The overwhelm was real. 

And I quit. For a bit. 

I needed a system. 

So I built one. Kristine helped me perfect it. 

And now we’re offering it to you. 

Meet your new favorite Trello Board >> Rebranding Your Book!

We counted THIRTEEN steps in this process. No, this isn’t even all of them!

Each card has a checklist of reminders, the tasks you need to keep in mind every step of the way…

Best of all, like everything else we design, this product can be used FOREVER. 

Simply make a master copy, use the same board, or copy the board for additional pen names. 

  • Implement a system for completing an otherwise overwhelming task
  • Stay organized, visually and mentally
  • Have several books or your entire backlist rebranded all at once
  • Track where you are in the process at the blink of an eye
  • Remember all the details you might have forgotten

Only $13!

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