Hey, author! I know you! 

Actually, I am you. 

Or I was. 

Let me guess. You wanted to be an author so you could write books, share your stories with the masses. 

You imagined days of writing, handing off your book, and letting someone else manage everything else. 

That was before you knew what this everything else was. 

You didn’t know you’d have to build a social media platform so readers could find you, agents would be interested in you, and publishing houses would want to work with you. You had no clue how much time you’d spend doing…all the not writing that was involved with being an author. 

Things that seem dirty and salesy, when you thought they’d be fun. 

Now you spend loads of time on social media because you’re constantly trying to figure out what to share. 

Best social media practices suggest that you post twice a day on the major platforms and you’re struggling. 

  • Wasting time trying to figure out what to post 
  • When to post 
  • What hashtags to add to your post 
  • Worrying over what posts will perform well 
  • Eager to build your brand. 
  • Frustrated that you can’t figure out how to balance it all. 


This should be simpler, right? 


Well, now it is! 

Meet the 2021 Author Content Calendar, designed by an author, for authors. 

This six month version is designed for those who’d like to get the second half of their year under control.

Use this calendar to simplify your social media.

Save time!

Beta testers reported that they could schedule out two weeks on multiple platforms in an hour.

Save that creativity for your books!

  • No thinking required.
  • An entire page of additional content options.
  • Quotes by authors on reading
  • Questions designed to initiate interaction 
  • A monthly calendar laid out like the one above
  • A calendar for each month of unusual holidays
  • A reference page for hashtags. 


PLUS...we off an editable graphics package!

Curious about them? 

Visit our Graphics page for more information!

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