Social Media Management

Need help growing your platform or finding time to post? We can help!

Managing your brand takes time you might not have.
We can help!

Let us grow your social media platform for you. We’ll post once per day on up to four social media sites. 

We use your logo, your colors, and your style to help build your brand. Sign up at your convenience. Cancel whenever you like. 

Our week runs Monday through Sunday, so we’ll start you accordingly. 


Managing your brand takes time you might not have. We can help!

Authors, have our social media manager handle this task. 

Struggling to figure out what to post? 

Trying desperately to not get sucked into social media when you have deadlines and not enough time? 

The overwhelm is real. Your time is valuable. And the frustration can be never ending. 

What we do:

🧁 Every Thursday morning (Eastern time), we supply suggestions for what will be posted during the week. 

🧁 Once we hear from you, we then schedule your posts for the week. 

🧁 We will post once (one time) each day on your choice of Facebook page, Facebook Group, Instagram, and Twitter. 

🧁 We will personalize posts as specified in the onboarding form you’ll fill out on the next screen. 


This is a subscription service. You will be auto-drafted weekly or monthly, depending upon our selection. 


How this works:

  1. Sign up. 
  2. Set up your subscription payment. 
  3. You will be redirected to the initial onboarding page. 
  4. Fill in the details requested.
  5. Watch for an email from Heather Young-Nichols:
  6. This email will have the link for you to hook up your social media platforms. 
  7. Heather will reach out with your weekly options every Thursday morning (Eastern). 
  8. Reply by 5pm Eastern on Friday. 

Ready to grow?